Argentine tender beef

Toro Dorado offers you a choice of prime Argentine beef fresh chilled tender imported 100% pure beef from the pampas. Large herds that roam freely on endless plains. Delicious grass fed beef is grilled in an original Argentinean way.

Wagyu 'Kobe Style' Beef

We are proud to be able to serve the most delicious and exclusive beef on Earth ’’The Emperor’s beef’’ - or Wagyu Gold Label - which originates from Japan. Wagyu beef is an upmarket luxury product which is sold in sets. Each set has a unique passport with original identity and marbling quality. Being one of the very few restaurants outside Japan that serves this execeptionally limited meat, Toro Dorado takes great pride in serving 100% pure grass fed Gold Label Wagyu beef, from Waipa of the the highest quality; the epitome of the best of the best.

Canadian bison

Today more than ever before, a growing number of people are experiencing the richness of bison meat becoming increasingly more popular in restaurants and at private dinner tables. Bison filet is a flavorful, tender slightly sweeter, richer taste and lean meat alternative.

New Zealand Prime beef

With its perfect temperate climate, ample rainfall and plenty of land suitable for pastoral farming, New Zealand’s cattle is raised on its natural diet of fresh pastures in wide open spaces without the need to provide a grain diet with nutrient supplements.

Scottish Black Angus

Our purebred breed of Black Angus of the Scotland Shire comes from a perfectly natural environments, with an ideal temperament for cattle production. This gives our Black Angus beef a highly valued, superbly tender and exceptionally flavour full taste.